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2022 Agency Digital Maurice Xmas Tips

With Christmas charging down towards us, it is time to ensure you are doing the right digital marketing steps. The year 2022 has been more of a “regular” year, and spending is expected to be more relaxed. As a digital agency in Maurice, we base our year-end projections on the trends we have observed throughout the year as well as our experience.

Let’s look at the steps that we recommend you should be actioning now.

Sales & Promotions

We believe Christmas will give a major turnover boost this year, especially those brands that are e-commerce based as online shopping continues to soar.

It is important to have sales, promotions and promotional packs being offered in November and December. This can be communicated via:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • Social media ads
  • Collaborative marketing with other brands
  • Website campaigns
  • Google Ads

While Black Friday does fall into this time of year, a lot of consumers are avoiding the stress of that day and are also shopping more carefully for ethical, quality products rather than price only.

You should also plan your “last minute buying” sales for a few days before Christmas as well as Boxing Day, New Year and pre-Valentine sales and promotions. Preparation is key.

Tip: A sale or promotion does not need to include a price reduction. You can offer a free service, consultation, shipping or add an obsolete product to a good seller.

Increasing Communications

It is important to reassure clients that their orders will be received before Christmas. It would also be helpful to let them know your trading hours during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Don’t let customers wonder about details; they don’t like 1 second of doubt. Use clear communication, including important dates, the impact of holidays on service delivery and customer service hours.

If you are an e-commerce business or have an e-commerce arm, there should be banners of info on your website clearly stating the last order date for Christmas deliveries and any service delivery changes over the holiday period.

Use email marketing, website banners, in-store posters, SMSs and social and google advertising to communicate updates.

Starting With Digital Marketing

If this is your first year working with digital marketing, it is best to start with one focus area, master it and then build up from there. You could, for example, choose social media content or ads to raise brand awareness and increase inquiries.

It is very time-consuming for a business owner to manage a full digital strategy. You will need to incorporate the following daily, weekly and monthly marketing activities into your diary:

  • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok) in the form of content, graphics, memes, gifs, interactive posts, polls and videos
  • YouTube posts
  • Google Ads (different types for different strategies, e.g. remarketing)
  • Social media ads
  • Email marketing
  • Digital business profile listings and maintenance across multiple platforms
  • Google Analytics tracking and strategic reactions
  • Pixel setup and tracking
  • Website optimisation and maintenance

Plan your digital marketing time in your diary and aim to get your activities preplanned far in advance with a marketing calendar.

If you need help leveraging your holiday season turnover, book a free first turnover-boosting consultation with our digital agency team of experts in Maurice!

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