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The 4 A’s to achieving the best conversion methods

It all comes down to psychology at the end of the day. It’s about applying predictable patterns of behavioural psychology to compel site visitors to perform what you want them to do.

Most of the time your site needs to convince visitors that your products best serve their needs before they decide to buy anything.

Just follow this pretty straightforward process. It involves using the 4 A’s of conversion:

A. Awareness

Using SEO, SEM, or branding effort, visitors become aware of your products. These efforts set expectations in the visitors’ mind and one of the main key is to meet these expectations. No need targeting something they won’t find or tricking them by using competitor’s brand keywords etc…

B. Attention

Now they are on your site, you have just a short amount of tome to grab and hold their attention. Your site must meet the expectations set by your awareness efforts.

C. Attraction

Getting the visitor to desire your product or service is the key to conversion success. Going into the unknown isn’t easy and visitors often come to a site with some amount of fear and we need to replace their fear with a sense of greed or desire. Once they desire your product, getting them to take action is easy.

D. Action

Once they are in the “state of action” they need to go through a flawless experience. Anything that deters them could switch them into non converting customers.

The more smoothly you can help your visitors transition from Awareness > Attention > Attraction > Action, the more likely they are to convert on your site.

Buying online isn’t always easy for a lot of people. They are afraid of scams, security, product quality etc…

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