5 steps and questions when creating your PPC Adwords campaign

Step 1: Attract

  • Impressions

These are the main questions to ask yourself:

  • Is this the right message?
  • Is this the right audience?
  • Is this the right time?

Step 2: Engage

  • Clicks
  • CTR

If you engage them with your message, they will click on it,

Step 3: Convert

  • Conversion
  • Cost
  • Cost Per Conversion
  • Conversion Rate
  • Revenue Per Conversion
  • ROI
  • Average Position
  • Average CPC

Bare in mind ROI is not simply ” 1 visitor = 1 click = converted”, a lot of eshops for example attract a lot of advocates who themselves increase your sales.

Step 4: Renew

  • Returning Visitors
  • Returning Visitors Revenue

Those who bought in the past (or those who didn’t) will tend to raise those 2 questions/actions

    • If they converted … You have infinite opportunities to build loyalty through repeat purchases, incentives, and promotions.
    • If they didn’t convert: The opportunity is equally valuable. Go after them with smart and targeted remarketing campaigns, and analyze their path to determine why the conversion didn’t occur.
      • Was it a technical problem with your site?
      • Did they not find what they were looking for?
      • Were your prices too high?

Finding the reason = possible fixes and therefore provides valuable insight

Step 5: Learn & Repeat

A lot of this is about repeating what we did well and focus on how we can change what we didn’t do well. A bit like stacking bricks again every time the house last brick falls. Except, you rebuild with a stronger foundation.

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Olivier Mamet is the director and owner of The Seo Consultant & Out of the box. The first one providing search engine optimization, online public relations, social media marketing and the other providing video marketing and video production services. A general enthusiast of the Internet of Things.

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