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5 simple fixes for your digital marketing

fixyourmarketing1 - 5 simple fixes for your digital marketing



A potential solution to solving your marketing problems isn’t spending more money. When you spend more money on something that doesn’t work… you will typically end up losing more money.

Is there a solution then?

There are so many businesses and different marketing problems that it’s almost impossible.

Here are 5 simple fixes that is deem to help any businesses looking at digital marketing.


Simple Fix #1: Explain who you are and what you do

It doesn’t have to be long and complicated. I see so many websites, facebook page, twitter accounts etc…with no information whatsoever.

Your customer needs to be sure that he is in the right place and that you are going to help him.

A nice infographic? a simple video?

Even if you have a twitter account, make sure you are clear and concise in the description “Who we are and what we do”

It’s always easy for someone to say “well they should know perfectly what we do, or everyone knows us and what we do”

The truth is: if one more person gets ‘educated’ on you and your company, it’s one more potential buyer and advocate for your business.

Simple Fix #2: Focus on your 3 potential customers

Typically, 3 types of customers will pop on your site online.

1. “Ready to buy” Customers

2. “I am just here to look” Customers

3. “I am still deciding if you are the one for me” Customers

For option 1, there is no problem…

just give them a shopping cart and the deal is done. Unfortunately, the vast majority of your customers are either 2 or 3.

Customers 2 and 3 are a bit like a “first date scenario”

You can’t email them straight away or you can’t wait 2 months because they’ll forget about you.

The first step is to offer a call to action…a subscribe button maybe or email newsletter or SMS when new products are available?

Give something for free in exchange for this email.

Simple Fix #3: How is the call to action on your website

Make sure it’s clear for the customer where he needs to go next.

Contact page? Product page?

Can he make a purchase easily

Simple Fix #4: Optimize for lifetime value of a potential customer, not per transaction.

Lifetime value is the dollar amount your customer is expected to spend on your business over time. If you know for example that a customer is going to be recurrent or going to buy from you 20 times over the course of 2 years. It means you can afford to lose money on the first sale for example.

Adwords, for example, can be an endless pit. The price will continue to rise over the years because 1 google is a company that needs to answer to shareholders and 2 more people will jump on the bandwagon over time.

Focus on spending money smart. 1 click might be more worth it than 100 clicks

Simple Fix #5: Increase your conversion

Like i said, Adwords is going to be a never-ending increasing cost. Therefore make sure you are converting.

If a 100 people come to your website via adwords and none is converting…

Have a look at your campaign and see if your keywords are geared right.


Selling more product and services revolves around 3 things:

1 Are you getting exposure/Are you reaching potential clients – If you are not, you need to fix that.

2 You are getting a lot of exposure but you are not selling – Is your website good enough, is your product good enough, is there a call to action?

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