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8 Questions to evaluate the quality of your website

How good is the quality of your website? Here are 1o questions (or points) to reflect upon.

It’s just a guide to see if your website has all the elements to make it a stunner.

1) How is the design?

– Is is appealing?

– Are the colours easy on the eyes and allows for users to read easily?

2) Accessibility

– Does the website work on every browser? (e.g IE7, Chrome, safari, firefox)

– Is the content well separated from the navigation bar?

3) Content

– Is your website clear enough for a prospective customer to understand what it is about

– No spelling mistakes?

– Font accessible on any browser?

– Proper links to bring the customer to the required section?

4) Security

– are all the permissions within your folders correct?

– is the .htaccess setup correctly?

– any security flaws or leaks

5) Important Considerations

– Does the website load quickly?

– Is the website mobile friendly?

6) Marketing Considerations

– Is the website optimised for SEO

– Do you have all the proper keywords and tags optimised for your industry or business?

– Are you setup for optimum conversion?

7) Contact-ability

– Do you have all the required forms email “mailto” tags

– Do you have all the required trackers in place to see who and when people contact you?

8) Report-ability

– Are all the analytics in place?

– The optimisation reports for PPC

Conversion trackers to have a full pricing report

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