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You can’t afford NOT to SEO your website

Some time ago, a company came to us wanting to invest in SEO services. They were currently spending over $1.2M per year on offline ads (that is banners, TVC, magazines etc…), which is not a small amount of money. The campaign we were proposing was to amount to less than 9% of their phone book advertising.

All about online tracking

The great advantage of online marketing is that it’s all trackable.  If you know that for every $1 you gave, you were getting $5 or $10 back or $100 back.

It’s not as simple as it sound that but, it is a better process than spend, pray and hope.

You get to see where the money is going, why there are no conversions, work on getting more conversion happening.

Adjust budget accordingly.

SEO is gold

Some people understand the value of SEO. We’ve partnered with many businesses who succeed through their online marketing efforts and have continued to invest accordingly.

We cater for everyone and that is why we have different SEO plans & packages

Drop us an email to day for a free consultation and we can get on our way to SEO success

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