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A 1. A/B Testing This is the process of comparing two variations of a single variable to determine which performs best in order to help improve marketing efforts. This is often done in email marketing (with variations in the subject line or copy), calls-to-action (variations in colors or verbiage), and landing pages (variations in content)....
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Book Entrepreneur CEO
    I’ve just finished reading a couple of books and after 5 years of trying to read one a month, i can safely say…these are the best books i laid my eyes onto. To a certain extent i can say that they Changed My Life and made me look at a lot of things differently....
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Social Media Facebook Sales
  Did you know that there are currently over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide? This makes Facebook a fruitful platform to implement your market strategies as you have the potential to target a giant pool of individuals. However, you are certainly not the only one competing for a slice of the audience Facebook...
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