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Company Growth with SEO

I was reading a very interesting article the other day. It mentioned the term “growth hacker”. Many people think hacker has a definite negative connotation where in fact its not the case. A hacker is someone who finds different solutions or a “fast way” to achieve results.

The idea here is that you can grow a business from 0 to thousands of customers without much of a marketing budget and it is a beautiful thing. A very much attractive result of growth hacks — free marketing tactics that grow traffic, brand, links, and eventually, a customer base.

Over the course of the weeks, we’ll put some ideas on the table to see who you can act as a growth hacker for your own business.

01 – The First

Your first customers will likely become your biggest advocates if — and only if — you treat them the right way. For your first 100 customers, you should be reaching out to each one, personally. I’m not talking about a canned email or an email from your info@ alias. I’m talking about a personal email or face to face. This is your chance to build advocates by thanking them for signing up or buying your product and offering your help, whenever they may need it. It’s so simple, yet so many companies overlook it.

02 – Keep em around

On the topic of keeping your customers around, a “thank you” can be so simple, yet so powerful. Why not offer a “happy package” once one of your customers hit a certain level, why not reward him. He’ll feel part of the team and will probably be your biggest advocate. An investment in something as simple as thank you cards, with a hand-written message, can go a long way in keeping your customers passionate about your product — and there’s no better marketing than word of mouth.

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