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Data Analytics & Business intelligence

Microsoft Power BI

We transform our clients advanced data into meaningful information. A data analytics solution for all industries that have an immediate impact on our customers. The power of visualising important information is key to taking action on where to steer the business.

Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.

Edwards DemingStatistician

About Data Analytics and Business intelligence

At Sandbox, we provide data analytics solutions. The idea is to use YOUR DATA and turn it into some meaningful visual information. Being able to see live where your stock or sales are in a graphical form is something truly powerful. We create an interactive visual stories using Microsoft Power BI in order to help you make better decisions.

Numerous benefits to the Agency, Commercial Operations, Managers & wider staff: Live & accessible information about construction activity Next level Portfolio analysis – risk, performance, progress, etc. Visual for leaders but also have the ability to be detailed for daily users Single source of truth

Being able to manage a company depends on the accurate knowledge you have in your possession. With the millions of things that decision-makers need to do in a day you need information that allows you to quickly understand.

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Retail Analysis

With Retail Analysis, you have access to important data and instantly know what’s happening in your business. See best time per day, per store and see sales per salesmen.

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Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis Solution can quickly point out which products, stores or customers or salespersons are doing most of your company, and which are not very profitable. Push more resources towards what works thus making data-driven decisions.

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Receivables & Purchase Analysis

With Purchase & Receivables Analysis you have a clear view of the impact both have on your business. See all unpaid invoices and see credit ratings of clients based on past behaviors.

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Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis solution helps you optimise from various angles whilst choosing to compare current metrics to previous sets of data. Keep an eye on live reports of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. Plan your cash flows according to your incomes and expenses.

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Human Resource Analysis

Monitor employee sick leaves, individual KPIs and see if more training needs to be invested in certain section of the business.

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Stock Analysis

Need to know when to re-order stock? With inventory analysis, you can see live data of your stock and also evaluate based on last periods and previous trends. Have knowledge of current stock levels and inventory turnover rate for each product.

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