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Does your business website keep up with web development in Mauritius?

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Internet and mobile subscription penetration in Mauritius are amongst the highest in Africa, and the government has set aside additional funds for supporting wifi networks in the 2018 budget. Web development has to keep pace with population demand. Having a business profile online is essential, but websites also need to be mobile-friendly, responsive and easily found.

Is your business website fast, agile and focused on the customer experience?

Web development encompasses more than a static page of basic company information. These days, customers want to engage with your business online and find relevant solutions quickly when they search for related products and services.

To do this, a business needs a website that is optimised for search engine results as well as the customer experience once they visit your site.

Combine a professional image with optimised content and navigation

Having an impressive website is good for your brand image, but can potential customers find you quickly when they need to? By the same token, if you are found amongst all your competitors, does your website convey a professional image when visitors arrive and is it optimised for enhancing sales, not just browsers?

The essential components of web development

The first thing to consider is your strategy and objectives. What do you want visitors to do as a result of visiting your website? Are you providing an e-commerce solution, or do you want to increase brand awareness and engagement? Can your site direct visitors through an optimised funnel to your sales department?

There are many components to consider:

  • Choosing the right platform for your business objectives.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) regarding technical structure and content.
  • Local SEO strategies based on your specific business area.
  • Brand image and content strategy.
  • Digital marketing strategy including Google ads.
  • Social media strategy and incorporating customer reviews.
  • Genuine link building strategy.
  • Custom email design and content strategies for direct engagement.

All of these elements contribute to a successful business website and online profile, but even more importantly, you’ll want to ensure that any web development can be monitored and measured, providing a meaningful ROI.

Sandbox is a full-service digital marketing agency in Mauritius and we’ve developed websites for many local customers. We’re happy to chat about your web development requirements.

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