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Four Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Paid Search



In this day and age, online marketing should be your main focus when trying to get your business or brand name out in the world. The competition is fierce and considering your competitors are using paid search; you can’t afford not to. Here are four ways your business will benefit from using it.

  1. It Expands Your Brand Reach

The main goal of marketing is to increase awareness and reach of your brand or business. Gone are the days where you had to spend a large portion of your marketing budget on billboards or television adverts as nowadays, marketing budgets have gone digital.

The internet is an audience that’s enormous and forever growing, and therefore advertising on it is guaranteed to produce positive results. Not only is it cheaper than older methods, but it can also get your brand in front of millions of more people.

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  1. A Low Cost For A High Reward

With paid search, you spend a fraction of what you would have spent on traditional marketing. A year of digital marketing wouldn’t cost near the same as one billboard.

Additionally, while spending next to nothing, the information you end up gathering is invaluable. You can track trends, likes, dislikes, what your customers want and other statistics. This information would require months of research and a lot of money using traditional methods, but paid advertising puts it at your fingertips.

It’s low cost also makes it the best advertising option for small businesses. Start-ups have very little cash but most can afford to fund a paid search campaign.

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E.g: In this chart, we can see that the visit spikes are during most business hours. Therefore advertising efforts can be concentrated during those times mainly

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E.g: In this chart, we can see that the demographics are pretty well spread across the board. We could cater a different message for each of these demos

Screen Shot 2019 07 17 at 9.28.06 am 1024x197 - Four Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Paid Search

E.g: In this chart, we can see that the more females seem to be visiting the site but marginally more and therefore we need to make sure that our advertising efforts take both genders into account.


  1. Multiple Channels And Options To Choose From

Paid advertising is incredibly versatile, as you can use it across multiple platforms and social media sites. This is a huge draw because some businesses like to focus on one or two channels, while others spend across the board.

If Instagram, Facebook, or the front page of Google are your go-to channels, paid to advertise allows you to effectively market across all of them. You can also run one campaign across multiple platforms – perfect for small budget businesses.

  1. It’s The Future

The simple fact is that traditional forms of advertising are slowly dying or become luxuries to massive businesses with unlimited budgets. Small and medium businesses are shying away from the traditional methods completely, and you should too.

The future is digital and paid search is the way to take advantage of this. Whether you have an online soap store, or you’re a two-man accounting firm, paid marketing is what you need.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what your business is, if you’re a small company or an individual, or what service or product you provide, what matters is making sure as many people as possible know you exist. Paid search marketing is simple, easy to understand, is incredibly affordable, and when done correctly, will reap results that will blow you away.

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