Sandbox Logo final 1 - How we generated over RS 1, 836 000 in sales from Rs37,750 ad spend

How we generated over RS 1, 836 000 in sales from Rs37,750 ad spend


The setup

This client runs a couple of events a year. They are successful at running it but have been doing so half blind. Their main marketing efforts revolved around radio ads, banners, print magazine advertising. They were using social media as well but only to post some engagement content.


After meeting with them, we realized that they had no idea where their ticket buyers actually came from, and their social media used engagement as a broad metric. E.g. if a post had some likes and comments, then it was considered a good post.


The problems

Measuring the ticket sales wasn’t that straight forward though, because they were using a third party ticket vendor (well known Australian one), therefore, we wouldn’t be able to measure anything outside of their own website, and unfortunately, all the transactions happened on that 3rd party website.

The second problem we discovered was that the 3rd party vendor was not so keen on letting us install a pixel on their landing page. The other issue we had was that the transaction would take place within a form itself. The URL remained the same.



We asked the 3rd party vendor if we could use a GTM script instead, they agreed. From that, we were able to pull information from the DATA Layer and fire a pixel when someone added to cart and then another when someone purchased a ticket.

At least we knew that we would be able to measure the best preforming ads and scale them up accordingly…whilst turning off the ones with low performance.

This is extremely powerful in being able to navigate the campaign in the know, versus trying to have random stabs at what works and what doesn’t


The campaign

We ran various Adset variations and various ads to see which one was performing best. A mix of videos and photos. We also retargeted visitors of page and website.

After 3 weeks of campaigns here were the results:

Screen Shot 2017 04 05 at 11.24.52 AM - How we generated over RS 1, 836 000 in sales from Rs37,750 ad spend



Since we were measuring only transaction as a purchase (and not amount of tickets purchased per transaction), we were happy to see that we averaged $1.74 (Rs43.5) per tickets sold…which is 2% of the cost of the ticket.

We therefore generated a minimum of $72000 (Rs 1, 836, 000) in sales out of a $1500 (Rs 37, 750) budget.

Very happy client J

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