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Guidelines for effective Facebook Marketing in 2018

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Of the total 1.2 million people in Mauritius, over 800 000 are internet users, and of these, 700 000 are Facebook subscribers, according to internet world stats in 2018.

This represents an ocean of potential customers. Is your business engaging with these social media users?

Facebook marketing is particularly effective for small business, as your spend is directly measurable. It is cost-effective and with the right help, highly relevant. Here are some of the ways that a Facebook marketing strategy can help your business:

  • A focused budget can help your marketing spend to work smarter instead of harder.
  • Highly efficient audience targeting reduces wasted marketing spend and improves the chances of actual sales.
  • Many Facebook users rely on the platform as the go-to source of information, so your business presence can add value in terms of content.
  • With monitoring tools, you can listen to social conversations regarding your business area and act accordingly.

To maximise your Facebook activity, follow these guidelines for business success:

  • Bigger isn’t always better

The number of followers or likes won’t necessarily translate into sales. Define your goals based on ROI.

  • Know your audience

Facebook marketing provides a clear window onto exactly who you are talking to in terms of age, gender, location, income, education and more. It’s all about being relevant.

  • Create a unique message

Don’t waste this opportunity to understand what your audience needs and wants, and provide meaningful and focused solutions.

  • Inspire action

Images and video are particularly engaging but don’t create posts for the sake of adding content. Facebook ads need to be created in the context of purpose and strategy.

  • Track, monitor and measure

You can avoid over-exposure or ineffective ads with detailed tracking, monitoring and analysis. Stay relevant, fresh and effective in real-time.

Speak to us at Sandbox about creating and implementing a successful Facebook Marketing Strategy. Our experience and specialised experts are focused on creating ROI driven campaigns. We’re locals, based here in Mauritius and we know the territory.

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