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Here are 2 great reasons why you should invest in SEO

Before going into that specific subject, i’d like to reiterate a few things. Big companies and big agencies that offer SEO, arguably don’t have time for their clients…They have a full fledge office with 10-20 staff. These staff come and go and some and it is difficult to maintain a good working relationship this way. Some staff as well don’t necessarily prioritise the SEO clients like they should. The don’t own a company and their pay check with fall at the end of every month. This is why i pride myself in only keeping a few clients, i won’t to be able to revisit strategies and try new ideas that will bring them more money. SEO is not a button that you switch and then not worry about it. Your competition is probably adjusting their strategy as time goes on and so should you.

Small businesses run very close to the margin and traditionally think that SEO is an extra expenditure for the company. I think this is wrong and here are four reasons why small business owners should consider SEO.

1. SEO Has Now Merged With Marketing

Many small businesses were using a “set-it-and-forget-it” SEO strategy. This is a big mistake because someone (with the business best interest at heart) needs to monitor performance and review strategies every couple of weeks or so.

Smart CEOs recognize the strategic importance of SEO in this new digital world. Most companies have SEO opportunities that they don’t harness…

With all the analytics available at hand, it’s so easy to steer the boat slightly every time we see it goes in the wrong direction.

2. SEO ROI Remains High

Arguably SEO is a great investment. This means that small business should find a SEO partner, someone they can call and ask questions, someone who you’ll throw ideas at and brainstorm together.

My video production business here in Mauritius has been generating almost every leads by being well visible on google. There are no sales man and we’ll get the occasional referral from happy clients but the majority or leads and sales have been through google…That is saying something:

  • SEO has a very high ROI.
  • The cost-per-lead for SEO is not much and can be adjusted.
  • high-quality SEO is a must and it should be more a partnership rather than anything.
  • Integrated marketing strategies have big efficiencies.


Ask yourself, what if my shop was on the busiest street of Mauritius?

What if everyone walking on this particular street was looking for my specific product?

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