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How Can Social Media Advertising Revolutionise Your Sales?


With billions of consumers interacting with social media, and social media advertising, it makes business sense that you should be leveraging the different platforms for growing your business. Whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer, people from your target industries are on social media – right now. Are you talking to them or visible to them?

Using Organic Vs Social Media Advertising Methods

Social media advertising experts research and establish highly targeted advertising campaigns across social platforms that are relevant to your business. The niche focus of the campaigns increases the ROI exponentially.

In addition, because you are using scientific data to show up when a client wants your services or products, social media advertising significantly impacts your business growth positively.

Because analytics is used, your brand’s visibility is based on the experience and expertise of the marketing agency you are using, not the size of your company. This makes it easier for small companies to compete with conglomerates.

Getting Social Media Advertising & Marketing Started

Before blasting off and launching huge advertising campaigns, the foundational steps are required. One of these is to set your goals. This may seem simplistic, but each business has different goals, and your goals change over time. These beacons will guide every social media advertising or marketing decision you make.

Next, you work with your agency to identify and document who your target market is and what they “look like”. This will inform you as to which social media platforms should be engaged with.

Organic Social Media Marketing

The organic approach refers to the free posting that is by your marketers utilising proprietary images, audiovisual material and brand-related stories. These are part of the social media marketing bigger picture. They establish a history on the social media platform, engage existing clients and deepen trust. Organic marketing will usually only reach a tiny percentage of your target audience.

Paid Social Media Marketing Or Advertising

Paid for ads and sponsored posts are executed with a foundation of keyword research, retargeting technology and tracking. Technology and analysts are a huge part of this methodology. Your brand gets to reach a phenomenally wide audience that would otherwise never have stumbled over your brand for many years.

By using social media advertising, you turbocharge your growth through:

  • Raising brand awareness and building trust;
  • Reaching a previously unreachable audience;
  • Engaging with and locking in new fans;
  • Effectively launching new offers, services or products;
  • Generating significantly more new leads, and
  • Putting your product in front of people when they have the intention of buying.

Analytical Tools Used For Social Media Advertising

Analytics is key to the success of social media advertising and search engine optimisation generally. Analytics separate the underperformers from the performers, so your investment is always stepping up to better advertising messages. This increases your ROI and saves overall budget spending.

Social Media Advertising Conclusion

As an entrepreneur, you are no doubt keen to get your brand seen and spoken about by the biggest section of the market as is possible. You want your brand to be beeping on the right consumer’s radar. Social media is a great medium to achieve this.

It ‘chats’ to the market, shares helpful information, encourages consumers to ‘follow’ you, increases your client list, develops your brand’s personality and drives up sales and profits. But it’s time-consuming. And that’s where we step in and make it soar!

Contact the Sandbox team to commence your social media advertising growth plan today!

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