Integrate Psychology in your Marketing Strategy

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 Everyone has their own way of marketing their company. Most of us use SEO (search engine optimisation) as well as content marketing bonded with some social media marketing. All these strategies are very good but i feel there is always a way to increase your ROI. Most of the time, it’s not simply “what you do”…it’s “what you do” and “how you do it”. One of the most effective ways you can boost your sales is to integrate psychology in your marketing strategy.


The power of words


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Make sure you pay a lot of attention on how you communicate to your target audience. It’s all well and good to run ads and campaigns, publish Facebook posts and tweets…try and think about how words can impact your customers.





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Olivier Mamet is the director and owner of The Seo Consultant & Out of the box. The first one providing search engine optimization, online public relations, social media marketing and the other providing video marketing and video production services. A general enthusiast of the Internet of Things.

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