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The SEO industry has evolved a lot through the years. In previous years, a site needed a few ingredients to excel in SERPs (search engine result page)

Things like a strong technical foundation, with a crawl able and clear information structure.
A good use of the targeted keywords and key links with some targeted anchor text.

Now, the rules have simply changed. Search engines are adapting themselves to the way their user operates. The simple use of cookies and personal indexation of pages sees consumers take different paths. 5-10 years ago, consumer would be walking down a one way street and we only had to make sure that we were there at the end with a product. Nowadays, We’re supposed to know UI/UX, branding, PR, responsive design, international considerations, content strategy, social media, structured data, local SEO, analytics… the list goes on and on. To be able to operate, marketers need to have an understanding of all these points. We need to also understand that it is impossible to understand fully each of these subjects…the simple SEO industry has evolved so much that it requires constant monitoring as well as the ability to re learn every so often.

So why Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is the strategy of implementation and leveraging different marketing activities. You are essentially trying to adapt and streamline the product or brand across the mediums.

As the online marketing industry continues to change, it becomes more vital for a company to have a consistent vision across all mediums.

SEO services are the main tool that helps support the strategy. We find the specific keywords that will be targeted for a campaign using tools like Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Overall, as SEOs, we want to make sure that we are going in the same direction across the campaign over the different channels and mediums. The companies can then reap long-term benefits from it.

Relaying a consistent message across all marketing channels and mediums while unifying the marketing vision for the company is incredibly powerful.

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