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Is Your Business Data-Rich But Insight-Poor?


Businesses are taking marketing data harvesting more seriously, but they are, mostly, not fully investing in critical data analytics in Mauritius. Your brand might be launching data-driven campaigns, but are you using fully extracted insights at a per-consumer level? Is your data from all touchpoints? How well have the data dots been connected? Here are key points for dealing with your big data in the most strategic way.

Data Collection In Data Analytics Mauritius

Your digital channels will usually supply up to 80% of your customer information versus direct mail or direct physical contact. This simplifies data harvesting.

It is vital that you actively engage with individuals in the channels where personal information is being voluntarily shared. Investment in professional tools, expertise and data storage (in-house or outsourced) is the only way to achieve this.

Data Hygiene With Data Analytics

A big database is NOT a valuable database; a clean database is! A weekly or monthly cleanup is vital if you want campaigns that turn around results like a strike craft, not an oil tanker. Inactive files have no place in your data.

Based on research, it is predicted that companies clean their database less than four times a year, and a quarter of the market is believed to have not done a cleanup for many years.

“Dirty databases” result in decisions made on incorrect data, costing the business money and losing potential new revenue.

A cleanup will give you greater relevance to the right customers, reduced ISP blocks, fewer spam complaints and a better rating with search engines.

The All-Important Data Analysis

Data harvesting is becoming cheaper year-on-year, but this can result in a flood of data. This raises the importance of investing in the best analytical experience and tools available on the market.

This investment will get revenue-boosting results out of:

  • Social media and other channel data
  • Customer monitoring
  • Responses to consumers
  • Dashboard monitoring of customer behaviour and preferences
  • Market, seasonal and demographic trends
  • Faster more relevant responses
  • Proactive actions versus reactive actions

Throwing headcount at the task is not a solution. Data analytic tools need to be aligned with goals and a deeper understanding of the abilities of each marketing channel is imperative. This will deliver greater granularity and faster knowledge of opportunities per market.

Data Application In Data Analytics

Global research shows us that over 30% of businesses rarely use harvested data for customisation of communications per channel. This is a foundational step of marketing, so it is shocking to see such statistics.

Your marketing strategy and operations need to give consumers a reliable, relevant brand experience that is specifically for them in each relevant channel.


By following these key takeaways, you will derive valuable data per campaign with revenue-earning metrics that pay for the investment made in cutting-edge technology and top experts.

Use data analytics Mauritius experts to speak the language of your clients now!

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