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Link Building vs Content Marketing

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Link Building vs Content Marketing

There has always been big talks about the different processes used to market your products and website. Sometimes, funds may only allow for one of the other. In link building, we research some keywords to target. We know we want to go after those. We assess that the website is perfectly well presented and if we had customers landing on our page…we would make a lot of money. Then we need go out and find potential opportunities to earn links. We’ll run for Keyword Difficulty and look at how people who are ranking for that keyword have done in terms of links compared to us. All this strategy revolves around finding links whilst having a perfectly optimised website to try and move up the ranks and earn more visibility. This is a perfect viable option, as long as the customer lands on the page and makes the phone call or presses “buy”.

On the flip side, there is the content marketing and it is a very different approach. We start with: Who is the audience? Then, what do they use? What medium do they use to discover and share things. What do they use to influence one another and to be influenced.

That could be things like Twitter and Facebook. Maybe it’s YouTube.

From then on, i want to create content across the different medium that will appeal to them. They will all start talking about the brand and from ear to mouth, hopefully start heading to the product or service page and start buying. Those prospective customers will soon start linking and liking this page, creating a surge in traffic and therefore ultimately increase your google page authority.

I personally think, it comes down to 3 things: What is the product? What is the budget? and what is the goal? (Long Vs Short)

I arguably think SEO could change any day. Maybe google changes one little thing and all your efforts goes down the drain. Therefore i think that relying on link building solely is thinking short term. I also think that content marketing is not really for everyone. If i have a client who sells pool pumps, i am not going to asking him to go to twitter and Facebook…i don’t think that you can associate to your customers that way. On the other hand, if i am selling health products or art clothes then i think i would. I think that 80% of link building and 20% of content marketing (with maybe a small PPC campaign) at the start is probably the best solution. Again , it all depends on the product or services. Once, you reach the top…you slow down on the link building (providing the competition is doubling their efforts) and you focus on content marketing a bit more.

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