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How to Manage a Low Budget AdWords

A lot of people think that Adwords isn’t worth it for small businesses. I think it all depends how the campaigns are run…

Here are a few tips that i think will help anyone keep a small adwords campaign successful.

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[A] Objectives: Before we start any campaign here at The SEO Lab, we assess the objectives. What is the end achievement? Marketing stunt, general branding awareness, lead generation etc…? If you don’t know where you are going

[B]  What networks: Any person running a small budget campaign should stick to search networks only. That will ultimately decrease the cost per lead cost.

[C]  Keywords Research: General keywords will cost a lot. If you can target longer type keywords, you’ll get more quality visits and essentially pay much less per visit. You need to keep exact match as well.

[D] No Dynamic Search Ads: These ads only pop up when someone searches for anything related to the content of your landing page. You might end up getting a lot of irrelevant clicks…therefore making less impact per visits.

[E] Negative Keywords: If you wanna stick to broad keywords term then make sure you make an extensive negative keywords list.

[F]  Bidding : Instead of allowing AdWords to adjust your bid, set it manually and bid for the location you wanna target.


[G]  Target Competitors: Target your competitors name. Make sure the brand, word or name isn’t reflected in your ad copy. This would 1 create a big bounce rate and probably some other troubles as well :D

[I]  Time Optimisation: Make sure that your ad campaigns are optimised according to the time users might look for your services or product.


[J]  Cost per Acquisition: CPA shows the amount that you pay for a single lead or conversion. Make sure you track the CPA and adjust according to your expectations.

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