Are these characteristics typical of your company or business?

  • Most of your new business comes from referrals and networking
  • Your website and online presence primarily acts as a capability statement rather than a source of new business
  • You find it difficult to differentiate from your competitors and some services are becoming commoditised
  • You spend money on “marketing” but find it hard to measure dollar spent per dollar earned

You want and realise you should be doing more in the digital space as:

  • You are losing power in the buying cycle due to changing markets and the digitally empowered buyer
  • You have new younger partners and stakeholders emerging with a different view of the world
  • You feel more leads can be generated online than it was the case 5 or 10 years ago.
  • You struggle to keep up with the pace of change and find it difficult to produce quality engaging content

We transform firms for the digital age and help them make the cultural shift required to succeed by:

  • Educating, up skilling & re-energising your firm, its partners and marketing teams
  • Providing you with focus and a clear way forward
  • Reducing your reliance on referrals, word of mouth and networking. Adding to your current lead system.
  • Exposing your expertise and clearly articulating your value proposition using new and emerging mediums and channels

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