How we packed a donut shop on a Monday…so much they had to close down for a few hours


This is a really cool case study. Our awesome client Mop Donuts wanted to make a promo for the Monday 6th of March (labour day in Perth).

After discussing with the client for a few hours, we decided to create an “all you can eat” promo.

So we drafted a campaign and we boosted it for $50…this is the result that ensued.

Donuts Mop Donuts Post


Out of a very small spend, they were able to be seen by 330,000 people. That is close to a fourth of the population of Perth.

Also, it’s not a TV ad that you see for 30 seconds. It’s an ad that people interact with and share with friends.

This is small shop specialised in making Donuts on premises and they had prepared a pretty big number of Donuts.

Here are some pictures i took at 9AM


They ran out of Donuts at 11am and had to call the chef to come and help cook some more.

They released the other batch of fresh donuts at 4pm and at 6pm they had to close down shop because they had run out again.

I can tell you they were very happy with the turn out 🙂
As a marketing manager or Business owner though…just think about the ROI and Public attention this brand got from that small promo 😉


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