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Pull and Push Marketing: How These Strategies Work For You!


For most of us, marketing entails billboards, television and radio adverts and newspaper inserts. But that is where it stops. We don’t understand much about the behind the scenes tactics and strategies that go into play. However, these promotional tactics fit in either the push or pull strategy of marketing, and the idea is to either pull a customer to a product or push them towards it. One of the many goals of pull marketing attempts to create brand loyalty and keep customers coming back, whereas push marketing is more focused on short-term sales and strategies tailored to achieve these outcomes. These strategies are also designed to get the product to the market.

Push Marketing

Push marketing is a strategy that attempts to get the message about the product to potential customers without an initial interest or curiosity in it. It will do wonders for your company if many consumers don’t know about the product and services or are not actively looking for it. This strategy requires a lot of reach and will include radio and TV coming on while your favourite song is playing or while watching your beloved drama series. This type of advertising requires a massive marketing budget to spend on making the brand and products a household name so that consumers can recognise it quickly.

Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is the opposite of push marketing because the goal is to get the customer to seek out your product actively. This type of marketing works best when the customer is familiar with your services but needs pulling towards what you offer compared to what is offered by competing brands. Mass media promotions, advertised sales promotions and word-of-mouth are just some of the methods that are used in pull marketing.

These two marketing strategies are best used separately or together. The push strategy can be used when the loyalty of the brand is still low, while the pull strategy is excellent for products that are popular in the community. The two marketing tactics can also work together when customers need a push for demand to be created and a pull to satisfy the demand. You can give those who have never heard about your products a little push while those further along the buyer cycle can be pulled in.

An excellent method that a service provider can use is to create a demand for their products by continually developing new products or upgrading them.  These products will be available in the store, and the customers will be pulled through advertising and promotional deals. The amount spent on combining these two strategies will depend on factors such as budget, the type of product, the target audience and competition.

Now that you understand a bit more about what happens behind the scenes of marketing strategies and tactics, you can start setting your goals for what you want your company to achieve. Whether it is push or pull marketing, each has its advantages and can bring your business to new heights.

When you’re ready or need the advice on how to move forward on the strategy of your immediate choice, get in touch with us today.

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