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Reasons You Need To Be Looking At WhatsApp Marketing


WhatsApp Marketing is the modern-day way to engage with your audience, on their terms. A modern way of approaching the relationship between marketer and client, or customer, this allows for a more personal connection to be formed with a brand. Allowing one-on-one focus as well as the inside scoop at times, this is one avenue that businesses need to be exploring.

This is an app for your phone that uses the device’s internet connection to let you chat with other users who also have the app installed. Utilising a range of features to share files and images, as well as free voice and video calls, alongside the basic text chat. Even voice notes have been added to allow for a voice message instead of simple text. As a popular app used across the globe, Whatsapp is supported by most Smartphones which have brought the world together. Comparable to Facebook or Twitter in user amounts, it is arguably used more than the SMS function on many phones.

Know Your Limits

Since this is an app without ads, and only having recently added a small degree of business tools, you have to be innovative in your digital marketing approach. While it is different in its functionality, being number to number, accepted communication rather than a public app, it’s important to develop your approach alongside your general social strategy. As there is no ad space and no way to reach out to your audience, this is far more a “pull” platform, requiring interested customers to engage with you first. With the allure of a more convenient conversation, direct communication and special attention is what brings your audience to message you in this space. With the introduction of the Business App, you can now utilise certain tools to arrange, automate and direct your business communications on the app.

Whether setting up automated messages to ensure quick responses or allowing for private, high-level customer service to take place, this is where customers can feel important and heard. You can set up a menu system to effectively handle priorities and ensure the user has all the information they need. Due to the reliance on people and their phones, this strategy must be cool, calm and collected. Overwhelming users with harsh or forceful messages can often lead to a break in communications.  Any campaigns you take on must respect the personal style of communication. With subtle and appropriate messages, this can be an ideal way to ensure high-end clients are happy and your messages are seen immediately.

Grow Your Persona 

As a personal means of interaction, this can be a great way to build the persona of your brand. From language use and colloquial language to emojis and GIFs, the right balance must be found to portray your business to the right audience. Formal, financial markets would go against mass use of emojis, for example, while the baker’s shop or toy store would encourage them. Street fashion and lifestyle brands may edge towards on-trend phrases, while high-end would have an artistic, elegant approach to messaging. Your style, as in any other media campaign, sets the tone for all communications. Although, unlike other social platforms, most users are less forgiving if they find WhatsApp communications to be a nuisance. Creating a persona that perfectly represents your brand image is a way to stay memorable and relevant to your audience. Still being able to connect with them as people on a day to day basis.

Allow For A More Private Conversation Space

Whether interacting with once-off contacts or a few selected clients, the space provided on this platform allows for private, effective communication on an intimate level. Having a storefront like appeal that allows for questions, orders or bookings, this is a space where customers can freely message to interact with your business. Streamlining orders and inquiries, this ensures an open avenue of communication between you and your clientele. As a customer, being able to contact a business in this way directly not only makes you feel special, but also more connected to the brand, and therefore more likely to use the organisation that so carefully engages with you. This can also be an ideal space to deal with sensitive topics or information in a space where there can be no interference.

The Tools At Your Disposal

The Business App element was built with small businesses in mind. It allows brands to effectively interact with their clients by using tools to automate, categorise and quickly reply to messages. Often used or needed responses can also be saved to answer common questions more effectively. You can also set an away message telling customers whether or not you are available, and when they can expect a response to their message. In the same right, a greeting message can also be set to ensure an immediate response when you receive a message. This is a platform where timeliness is everything.

Since this platform doesn’t offer any business-related tools yet, small-scale strategies that urge the consumers to contact you directly are the way to go, ensuring efficient interaction through consistent communication. This service does provide a way to add a click-to-chat link to your website, email signature, or social media pages that makes it easy for people to start a conversation with your brand directly. It is also good to note that mass messaging in this type of environment can do a lot of damage to your brand, which is why carefully planned strategies are the way to go. With the almost intimate and informal setting, this cannot fall under the same approaches as an ad built to grab attention online.

While it is a tricky space of the market, those who understand the intricacies can take full advantage of this new age platform. Playing into customer convenience and ease of access, this is an avenue that allows you to be on a relatable and consistent level with your audience. For an integrated, effective WhatsApp marketing campaign, be sure to contact the professionals at Sandbox right away.

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