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Sell Your Product Or Property With 3D Rendering


Whether it is a product or a property listed online, a printed flyer or typical, boring emailer simple won’t do in guaranteeing you that sale. These days, with marketing material flooding the real world and online sphere, 2D marketing materials fail at grabbing your audience’s attention. With advancements in technology and innovation in marketing, developers and companies alike are using this new 3D rendering tool to sell their real estate and products online. With 3D rendering, potential buyers and online shoppers are more likely to buy your product or that property!

3D Rendering In Real-Word Terms

Thanks to specialised computer software, 3D representations are created from 2D, or flat, images. Similar to 3D animation – and we’re sure you’re all well aware of this, 3D rendering uses a wireframe model and creates realism through adding texture, shading, lighting, colours and materials.

Ways To Incorporate 3D Rendering Into Your Product Or Property Sales

While 3D rendered has proven successful in creating property blueprints, this powerful technology can also be used to design plans and renovations as well commercial “fit-outs” for restaurants, stores, multi-mix use warehouses and offices. It can also be applied to different products across a wide range of industries.

For now, we’ll focus on the specific ways to use 3D rendering for property selling efforts.

  1. Through the use of 3D images, a residence, office block or shopping mall, can show investors and potential buyers what the property will look like even before construction begins. This is beneficial if the property is mid-construction or hasn’t even started. Now, with this powerful tool, potential buyers can see project details, materials, specs and floor plan layout. It’s as if you’re able to take your potential buyers through a virtual walkthrough and allow them to explore the property over the internet.
  2. 3D rendering allows you to highlight the property, or products’ best features. You’re able to showcase lighting fixtures, architectural details, the décor even before construction begins. It’s about highlighting the best features which make the property so desirable to potential buyers.
  3. 3D eye-catching renders are more visually appealing and can easily increase your marketing ROI and easily translates to pre-selling through the digital realm. It allows you to market your product or property more effectively. Every 3D rendering can be posted on a website and be used within digital ad and email campaigns. Sharing 3D renders and animations through videos, YouTube or social media sites help to make that sale.
  4. Explaining all the luxury aspects of the product or property is less effective as showing them. 3D renderings allow you to vividly display luxuries and create a virtual tour of the premium materials used, the high-end fixtures and help you talk up the natural beauty of the product or property.
  5. Your pre-selling efforts through 3D rendering can reach different audiences. 3D rendering and videos can target younger homebuyers who prefer mobile marketing. Through 3D renders, your dynamic online content can reach different target markets on different marketing channels.

For more information on 3D rendering, contact us at Sandbox. We can help you sell your product or property with this powerful tool. Contact us today!

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