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Company growth with SEO – Part 2


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This is a continuation from the post Grow your company with SEO services. We take a look at some simple ways to increase your visibility, market and conversion.

03 – Research your keywords

Find the most lucrative set of keywords! It  is the foundation upon which you should build your website. ( not the other way around)

If you have some money in the bank then why not test the water first with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign (called “Adwords” at Google) . You’ll get some invaluable data on what keywords customers react more to.
If you don’t have a whole lot of money then Google’s Keyword Research Tool is a great way of assessing popularity and competition for prospective keywords. Google shows you data for those keywords, and suggest several others you might not have thought of.

04 – Great Content + Good keywords strategy = Growth

Ok! So lets say that you found the right set of keywords. Lets also assume that you are driving a certain amount of traffic back to your site…what now?

The story doesn’t stop here. You should have a compelling website as well as great content to help the customer feel right at home. Let’s use an analogy now…lets say you get a referral for a great doctor and when you get to his practice…all you can see is a dirty little sign and the place looks dirty. You are probably going to pack your bags and leave. In this case, the doctor in question did a great job in driving customers to come to his practice but very little to try and convert them. This is why your website presentation should be impeccable and visually attractive. Any prospective customers should know straight away where to go and what to do next. Hopefully signing up, giving you a call or requesting a quote via email.

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