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Six Facebook Ad Lessons from Singapore’s Top Companies



If you’re looking to take your Facebook advert campaign to the next level, you’ll need some inspiration. Some of Singapore’s top companies have some incredibly helpful and insightful tips and lessons to help you stand out of the crowd in your Facebook advertising. Here are a few of them.

  1. Singtel Fibre

Singtel Fibre creates ads that are light on the copy. One mistake companies often make with images is putting far too much copy on them, without being aware of how it’ll read when it reaches the customer. Remembering that most people access Facebook on their phones, so you need to ensure that when the image has been shrunk down, it’s still readable.

  1. KFC Singapore

CTA’s or call to action buttons play a pivotal role in your ad campaign. Not only do they give users instructions, but they prevent confusion when looking at the post. Facebook has many options for CTAs, and KFC uses a variety of them keeps the content fresh, as well as inform readers and customers.

  1. Carousel

You may think one image and a handful of words isn’t enough to get your message across, but brands have found an interesting way to get around this. Carousel uses comparison images – which is an image split down the middle to show you “before and after,” or an “old and new” comparison to give the user context and clearly show them what you’re about.

  1. Wish

Wish is known to have incredibly long delivery times. This can be off-putting to some, but the mere fact that we know this is the point. In their Facebooks ads, they’re upfront and honest about their terms and conditions, which helps build trust. Facebook is not the place to mislead people, so being open and honest from the start is a must.

  1. Airbnb

Most adverts use stock or staged images, which look good but fail to tick the authenticity box. Airbnb’s Facebook campaigns often use images of real hosts standing in their homes. This makes the advert look and feels more real, and users will respond positively to this.

  1. Xero

Tell a story to potential customers about how your business will change their life. It’s useful when the product is intangible or not glamorous, such as accounting software. Xero often adds links to their Facebook ads that link to a case study that shows the real-life results of using you or your product for their needs.

These tips and lessons are incredibly helpful with regards to paid search marketing and how you create and format your adverts. Referring back to this when starting a new campaign will be helpful, and can provide you with unexpected, but brilliant results.

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