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Take Advantage Of Google My Business


Searching on Google is relatively easy, you just type in what you want, and without even waiting, you have the answers you want.

What happens when users want to know where your business is located with the same ease as any other search?

When you search for a location-based result such as Mauritius, the search engine website will include a Maps summary placed next to the main search results. It will also provide information on more maps results. However, if a company’s Google Places profile is empty, nothing will appear in the Maps summary even if they are at the top of the search rankings. That is why a company must create a profile to take advantage of Google’s directory and ensure their Google Places profile is current and correct or contact our SEO services providers.

Google my business - Take Advantage Of Google My Business


If you run a small business and want to increase the visibility of your website and attract more people, this blog is for you. Here,  we will help you understand what it is all about and help you create a Google Places profile.

All You Need to Know About Google Places

Google Places is also known as Google My Business, and small businesses need to leverage this opportunity to be found in local searches and receive ratings from customers. It also works to connect businesses directly with their customers and makes it easier to find information about their services online. This also includes hours of operation, contact information, directions and delivery charges. It is free to set up a profile, and it will enable your business to appear in local search results for queries related to your product

It is then vital to claim your listing because it will show Google that your profile is relevant to users searching for your product. Doing so will allow you to decide what Google can publish about your business as well as preventing anyone else from changing your details.

How to Get Started

To begin the change, visit Google’s Local Business Center login page using your current Google account login details, if you don’t already have a Google account you will need to create one. It will then show you the business you want to claim, so ensure all the details are wholly accurate and then verify your details via phone.

Google’s local search results are to help people find businesses that are near them. The closer to the searcher a company is located, the more Google’s algorithm will favour it and make it more visible. To achieve this, the information used for Google My Business can be optimised, in the same way that website and blogs can be optimised. Keep the information consistent across this page and on other third party directory listings, your site will be recognised as an even more reputable business. It’ll also help potential clients visually see your location, find your contact details quickly, vie business hours, learn what others have to say about you, find directions to your location, and also see what your office or store looks like if you have added photos.

If your company is not listed in Google My Business directory, then it is missing out on the excellent advantages of promoting the business. Don’t let your competitors be a step ahead of your company. It is a free traffic and offers a lot of insights

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