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The New Customer Journey: How Live Video is Transforming the Travel Industry


Traveling certain places is all about getting there, no matter what. But COVID-19 has to make us think otherwise. The ongoing pandemic halt lives throughout the planet. Entire hospitality & tourism sector got busted by the outbreak.

That’s where innovative technology brings in live video. And people involved in live video to interact with one another during the quarantine. Streaming sites somehow managed to gain lots of public attention to stay entertained.

Traveling industry went somewhat slower to cope with the live video options. Several businesses include the plan of getting the destinations at home. Standing on the tourist attractions, the host is to give some tour guide spiels.

Adaption of Live Video in Traveling Industry

Tour company Walks started back in 2010 as one pre-launch test. It presented an online virtual world to initiate digital travel to famous destinations across Italy. After a decade, Walks made its return in the form of ‘Tours from Home’.

Now, the lockdown opened a new door towards virtual or digital traveling. There are platforms like ‘App in the Air’ to take your mind out of the house. ‘The Tour Guy’ – a company is set to host virtual tours. Additionally, Wheatly Vodka & Kingfisher started live streaming to support audience interest.

Taking the Advantages

The most successful part concerns with its accessibility. It’s not possible to travel all the attractions within a certain timeframe. Therefore, companies stepped forward with the idea of virtual tours. Of course, it may seem like some NatGeo documentary or travelogue.

But there are differences to notice between live video & pre-recorded show. Apart from watching & listening, you can even interact with the guide. Live interaction in terms of actual exchange is to deliver a dynamic experience.

Not to mention, there’s more to get from live video regarding virtual tourism. Apart from natural or artificial attractions, you can check out the bars, restaurants, distilleries & many more. Businesses started to adopt the idea to stream their respective journey on the way.

Whole New Method to Plan Trips

Availability of live video streaming unveiled incredibly wide possibilities in the tourism sector. It already gained attention as one trip-planning gear regarding traveling services including park & recreation. Live traveling is to open a potential target in tourism markets.

People unable to visit distant locations can take a detailed tour almost anywhere. You can reach the destination out of your radar in reality. It easily mitigates the fear of the unknown, suddenly occurring on the trip. Differences in culture, language & attire happen to seem less foreign there.

Success in making live video tourism popular concerns with the right platform. You’ll have to draw the attention of interested audiences. Also, you need to focus on available resources & other considerations to keep going. The idea can continue in the post-pandemic world with no travel restrictions.

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