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The Real Value Of Digital Content Today


Impactful digital content is king, and that has never been more true than right now. With the majority of the world in uncertain times, the standard ideas of online marketing and interaction have been adapted. Boring delivery and straight forward thinking is no longer accepted by the audience at large, instead choosing to spend their time on media that grabs them. Without the strong consumer base and usual social spread, brands have had to change the way they reach their audience. One way that many have been able to gain attention and maintain relationships with their audiences is through high quality, relevant media in a time when people appreciate it most.

With a consistent supply of engaging, entertaining and informative media, many businesses have been able to not only maintain relationships with their consumer base but even grow their reach to wider markets. Utilising the nature of the times and the fact that people are online now more than ever, thought-inspiring media is a strategic and effective way to market your forward-thinking company. There is a multitude of ways to connect with your audience and go through the tough times with them. As long as the offering is valuable, it will be an appreciated relief from the standard branded messages users receive. With the community as a focus, a business must be a part of the social interaction of the times, inspiring hope and togetherness.

Social Setting

Social media platforms are an integral way to connect with your active audience on a day to day basis. Stuck at home, many away from work, a good piece of writing or an entertaining video can change someone’s day completely. With a range of forms to utilise, each platform has its own approach to the dissemination of information and how users interact. This can be used to best engage the right audiences with the correct elements of your content. Each in their own right allows for an ideal space to deal with certain topics or trends, and in turn, offer access to a different segment of the wider community.

Based around starting a conversation with your consumers, these systems tend to urge user interaction and are ideal spaces to have an active discussion with your base. Allowing for input from all sides as part of the conversation. Playing host to a multitude of media styles, yet relying far more on the value of an idea than the blatant marketing message. This is a quick, effective way of communicating an idea to a community and getting a range of insightful responses. Timeliness, tags and trends tend to be large factors here, which is why a brand must be active and aware. Images and short videos come into play across social media to show the lifestyle elements of a brand. The daily operations and current events, the ethos of the brand, elements of the persona that link the brand to its community. These are all key functions that these platforms service. All these elements allow for media that humanises the brand, giving you the freedom to engage and inspire rather than sell or market.

Often serving as broad networking platforms, some catering to more specific corporate or private markets, these play host to a wide range of industries and communities that are actively seeking out engaging media. Having direct contact with the brand regarding their offering at hand is a powerful tool for any consumer. With such a focus around online activity at this time in the world, being active and positive in this space is integral to the visibility and strength of a brand.

Visual Appeal

Video and image-based postings are by far the fastest travelling in today’s climate. Playing into social media strategies, interesting and informative inserts can be one of the most successful ways of grabbing an audience and spreading a message wide. Looking at energy drink and sport brands, the impact of stylistic, strategic imagery is hard to deny. From lifestyle shots to webinars and educational infographics, model shoots and product sets, creating something that inspires your audience is the goal.

As an easy way to engage with a message, this is a simple way to not only show the intention of your brand but also direct the messaging to a relevant audience or demographic. With allowance across social media platforms and websites, these are arguably some of the most dynamic ways to engage with your community. With the ability to share across all platforms simultaneously, it can create not only a consistent message but also a reference point which users can find at any time. Whether recurring or campaign-specific, having access to visual media is an ideal way to grow the persona of your organisation. Imagery is a powerful tool to harness and if done right can be a huge driver of attention. A well-executed campaign or image set can tell a relatable story to the world.

Insightful Writing 

The written word is a powerful tool to use. Whether long-form or short, on-site or social media-based, intelligent text can show a lot about a brand’s intention. Organisations must form an understanding of a community’s concerns as well as situations, linking it to the brand experience through text. Showing your company not only as a valuable source of information, but also giving your audience something they can use. Through news articles, blog posts and supporting social media posts, you can fuel your marketing strategies by offering something that touches base with your audience. This is not just about creating words, but about connecting with your viewers through the information that they deem relevant. This is about building trust between you and your audience and allowing your brand to be seen as a source of inspiration within your industry. Connecting with your community at a time like this is of the utmost importance and well written, insightful offerings can set you apart from the rest.

Digital content plays a huge role in today’s market setting, increased by the situation of the times. Grabbing your audience in this space is integral to the success of your brand online. For a dynamic look at marketing approaches, contact Sandbox now.

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