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Web Hosting & Support Services Mauritius

We provide managed web hosting services to webmasters and website owners. Call us or use our contact form below to get your super-easy hosting plan up & running – fast!

No matter what website hosting services you need, we can offer it, including full service WordPress hosting on all types of websites. We make your WordPress site management easier!

Building and maintaining a WordPress site is easy with our thoughtfully designed solutions.

Perfect solution for WordPress Webmasters

We believe that managed hosting is a way to empower our clients to focus on their core business. Website management, glitch repair, update impact management, link repairs, and the list goes on. We tick the hosting maintenance off of your to-do list and free you up to focus on customer relationships, product quality control and all the priceless skills that you bring to your buzzing business. Your success is our success, so we want you to have the best-managed site in Mauritius – so well-managed that you might forget we are there in the background working hard.

We offer automatic WordPress updates that you can leave on auto-pilot or schedule. We run the latest PHP versions, but allow you to switch between versions. We enable static caching for your website, but you can easily switch it off or add more layers, like dynamic cache and Memcached, so you get the performance you want.

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Daily Backups

Never lose valuable information, as we offer daily backups of your website. Errors can occur during updates, website changes, migration to a different host or as a result of hacking. By backing up your website daily, you’ll be protected from information loss and can quickly restore functionality.

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Free SSL Certificates

A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate helps to keep information on your website private. It verifies ownership and also allows Google to pick up that your site is trustworthy, so it’s definitely a must-have for anyone who has a website. Sandbox offers free SSL certificates when you sign up for our website hosting services.

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Staging Environments

We will create a clone of your website so that you can test its functionality and make changes before the site goes live. This is the final step in the production of your website before it’s officially launched and is absolutely vital to ensure that there are no errors or bugs and your users will have a pleasant experience using your website.

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Ultra-fast Sites

At Sandbox, we are the leaders in web hosting in Mauritius, offering ultra-fast websites with high-performance capabilities. As technology is advancing and web hosting solutions are adapting, you want a website that is on par with world standards and a website hosting service that is forward-thinking, so you are not left behind!

Perfect Website Hosting For Business Owners

As a business owner, you may be wondering, “What is web hosting, or website hosting, and why do I need it?”

A web or website hosting service is an internet accessibility service offered by specialists that are called hosting companies. Through the hosting service, your target market is able to access your website via the internet.

An analogy of this service is this:

  • You have hundreds, if not thousands, of files on your computer hard drive.
  • To open up a file to view it or use it is a reasonably simple process: double-click on the file.
  • Next, you decide you would like to show that file to a colleague, so you call them into your office as the info is on your hard drive.
  • Alternatively, you could email them attachments of the files you want them to look at.

In the above analogy, the web hosting specialist is the sender of the files as all your website files and data are in storage on the server at the hosting company’s secure site. The process works as follows:

  • A digital visitor will request your website information (by typing in your URL or selecting it from a Google search).
  • The hosting company’s server automatically searches for and selects only your website files,
  • These files are then sent via the web browser to the requesting URL.
  • Without website hosting services, no one can access your website.

Additional Services In Webhosting Services, Mauritius

A web hosting service is not only about storage. Your website hosting services provider will also offer server maintenance, hosting support, multiple email accounts, and a number of other benefits.

Once your hosting package is switched on and your data is uploaded, you will be visible around the whole world.

We Are The Future Of Website Hosting Services

For unmatched web hosting in Mauritius, Sandbox is the smart choice. Our team of expert developers has the industry knowledge and technical expertise to stay ahead of global trends and provide you with advanced website hosting services. With us, your website will always have sufficient bandwidth, upgrades as your site grows, and you will receive specialised support and amazing customer service throughout the process. What’s more is that Sandbox offers a fully integrated solutions-based approach that combines web hosting with email services, e-commerce and SEO. Every business needs high functioning website hosting services, and this is the future of web hosting in Mauritius, so get on board with Sandbox and stay one step ahead.

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