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Webdesign is essentially marketing

Design is the key to the success of your website. There is no question about it. Steve Jobs said it a few years back and he was totally right…look at Apple today.

When designing for web, we want to focus on some key end result. Maybe you need them to sign up, download something, buy something or subscribe and share your site with their friends. Each of these elements can and must be integrated into your web design.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself when designing

1. How can i get More Clicks

2. How can i get more sign-ups

3. How to get More Likes and Follows

4. How to get more sales

5. How to get More Leads

Converting a website visitor into a new subscriber, member or account holder is the end game at the end of the day.

The importance of  design and user experience is paramount in creating exceptional returns for your business. Keep your design lean and then constantly iterate to improve all aspects of your website, product, and service.

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