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What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn ads and strategic social media marketing today, go hand in hand. A fantastic toolset to be utilised in the digital era. This diverse and professional space is a prime place to engage with the working world across several industries. While it may not have the sparkle of the other social media giants, this platform holds its own as the networking space for everyone from interns to CEOs.

Not just a way to interact with others in the corporate world, this platform acts as a way for all levels of people to engage with meaningful content in the hopes of progressing and building their careers. As such, advertising in this space is a brilliant way to communicate directly with an engaged and interested audience. A network built around businesses and the needs they have, the professional nature of the platform allows it to ensure an intelligent and informed level of conversation. For a brand, it also presents many unique opportunities as the range of advertising types available allow for an effective and understandable system as well as an audience that understands the technical sides of business development and jargon.

The Details

Available solutions for businesses ensure you can develop a variety of ad types, making use of images and video as well. Made visible to the platform’s vast amount of users across the globe. The optimisation tools, like audience targeting, ensure these messages reach an audience ready to engage, producing active and viable leads. An expansive selection of utilities to make use of within the design and structure of the communications. With an increased opportunity for ad customisation as well as strategic budgeting, there is more control over design and implementation. Adjusting targeting settings to reach optimum placement levels. With ample resources to use, there are also case studies available that can unpack and often explain the thinking, processing, and analysis behind how it is ideally put together. Valuable insight for any organisation to have at their fingertips. The types of advertising available to your business include dynamic, sponsored, text, and message.

The Differences

Dynamic ads are those delivered to users based on their interests and interactions. They come in a selection of four formats and offer the most opportunity for a brand to add a personal touch to their messaging. This type is best used to create attention-grabbing and stylised placements to support your wider campaign. These messages use user data available to the platform to reach those who have aligned interests, allowing for a personalised touch to the communication. Whether an image range or video selection, the content itself will be adjusted based on the user, it is being presented to and the audience demographic they fall within. In the same right, active members of the platform can adjust the collected data to have better, more relevant messages presented to them. Marketers have the unique ability to use the platform differently from other social media channels in its strategic business aimed design. Whether seeking out strong applicants for vacant positions or showing service offerings to potential clients, you can highlight company culture and deliver the right message to viewers. When these targeted communications are used in a strategic way they offer an investment that has proven returns in interaction and engagement. LinkedIn has become a prime tool for identifying valuable leads and applicants across industries.

Sponsored ads appear in the news feed of users, appearing much like organic posts. They blend into feeds, but are defined by a headline that marks them as sponsored. This content can include images, videos and carousels with a selection of visual elements. Most demographics on the platform are already part of a professional industry for the most part, which is why this is the ideal space to engage with them as an organisation. Through analysing consumer and industry behaviour, you can identify how to gain a higher number of valuable leads within this social space. Monitoring campaign performance and studying the reactions of your audience can give you needed insight into the way they enter into interaction in this space. Due to the placement of this type, the organic style must be used to engage the reader and intrigue them into reading more. A generic or off-base approach will be lost in the flow of the timeline.

Text options are a simpler approach which makes use of different placement methods to deliver your message. Showing up in the right-hand side of the main feed and giving members a bolded call to action as a headline, they’re easy to create, target and track leads. These will only usually appeal to those looking for the directly displayed message, but in the same vein that makes for far more valuable leads. Surrounded by other promoted content, it is a clear marketing effort rather than appearing on the feed alongside posts. This is a clear and concise way of communicating your marketing message.

Message advertising is a bit different to the rest, though, as these types are sent directly to the inbox of users. Allowing you to communicate directly with your audience and potential client base, this is a communication approach that takes away the restraints of post character limits.  With a multitude of additional ways to build this message’s effectiveness, you can add forms and links that allow for faster feedback. Making the message itself far more impactful and professional. Communicating with the users directly in this way allows for a much more diverse and in-depth conversation to take place, and in turn, better target your audience models. Whether using this element to re-engage leads or to reach new ones, this ensures you can hone the interest in your brand and offerings. Building awareness by using direct messages allows for ample ways to introduce a company to prospective clients or employees.

A collection of multifaceted tools that allow you to embrace the professional social media elements fully, LinkedIn ads give you a selection of communication types to choose from. Whether reaching out to wider markets or finding the best people for the job, let Sandbox show you how to get the best results.

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