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Why Good Website Support Is So Important


Having a well-designed website is only half of the battle won. The second half is ensuring that the website remains up and running, functioning to its optimal capacity at all times.

Without website support services, this can be a very difficult and complex thing to manage. Some businesses try to do this internally, but the reputational and customer sales losses that could incur from a broken website mean that it’s not worthwhile taking that risk.

We at Sandbox offer expert website support services that will ensure that your website remains up and running at all times. Here are some ways that website support services can be extremely helpful and ensure that your brand remains connected to your target audience:


Maintaining the security of your website is critical, as cyber-attacks are an ever-present threat not only for your own company but also for those of your clients. A good website support service provider will ensure that your SSL certificates and firewalls are operational and up to date. Regular malware scans can also be run to ensure that things like ransomware do not invade your website. This will help protect those in your company, as well as your clients, from malicious online attacks.


Various issues could arise at any time on websites related to server errors, website migration challenges, downtime, and various other website performance issues. Having a website support service on call can ensure that these kinds of problems are tackled as quickly as possible and that they are resolved before any lasting damage can be done.


Just like any physical asset, your digital assets also require regular maintenance. This includes ensuring that your website and the software on which it’s based are up to date with all of the latest features. Some of these features could be functional while others might be critical security updates designed to keep your website safe.

Content Management

Website support services can help you ensure that your content is properly managed to achieve the best results on search engines and maximise engagement on your site.

This includes updating content and adding new content such as blog posts, product descriptions and more, to ensure that your website is favoured by Google’s algorithms.

For more information or to sign up for our website support services, contact us at Sandbox today to secure your online presence!

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