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Why Use Remarketing?



In today’s marketing world, there are few things more disappointing than seeing how many people have seen your advert, compared to how many go on to visit your site and convert to paying customers. This does at least tell you that your adverts are working, but for them to be a complete success and offer you an ROI, those visitors need to go from being potential customers to actual paying customers. How can you achieve this? Through remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Simply put, remarketing is the process of using a tool or plugin to track people who’ve visited your site, and show them adverts of your business or product again, with the goal of them eventually returning to your landing page or website and buying your product or service.

It’s no surprise that if you’re providing a service or product that’s quite pricey, potential customers are more likely to look at your site, but then leave to check out your competitors and to compare both. The goal is to bring them back.

Benefits of Remarketing

The benefits of remarketing are varied, with the main one being cost. It costs next to nothing to remarket to people you already know are interested in your product. Online advertising is cheaper than traditional methods, to begin with, and ensuring you stay in the mind of potential customers costs very little compared to the big payoff of a conversion.

Another benefit is the fact that you’re only going to be paying per click, and not per view. Therefore, your advert will be put in front of tens of thousands of potential customers, but paying for a fraction of the engagement. If customers return and make a purchase, the cost per click is paid for one hundred fold.

Remarketing also allows you to further target potential customers based on which pages they viewed. If you sell bicycles via your website and have pages for frames, tires, and gear, you can target your adverts to individuals who’ve just looked at the frames page, tires page, and gear page respectively. This cuts costs, as well as provides these customers with the exact advert they’re interested in.

Another benefit is the fact that you’re constantly putting your name and business in front of people. You plant the seed, and then consistently water it, building up to the point where they make a purchase.

Finally, and most importantly, remarketing creates conversions. The people you’ve targeted are ones that have visited your site, and are interested in what you have to offer – and they only need that final push to convert. Remarketing keeps you in their head, even when they’re on a competitor’s website.

Remarketing is a brilliant and successful process that works. It may take a little bit of time and money, but with the reward being conversions, it’s worth every cent and second.

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