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Your New SEO Strategy After The 2020 CORE Update


The topic of today’s informative blog is how to optimise after a CORE update. The reason behind this topic is the recent May 2020 Core Update which has shown up during a time when the digital world has become a lifeline for many businesses. With competition as serious as ever, it’s time to up the ante and adapt. Because Google constantly revamps itself, businesses need to be adaptable to the changes in the algorithm.

Organic Search Results

Rule number one, when you see that an update has arrived, you should first and foremost check to see if you’ve slipped off your most coveted rankings. It can be unfortunate when an algorithm change messes up your hard-earned spot in the search results but there is no changing what’s already been done. Breathe and keep in mind that this happens sometimes when you follow the rules and won’t suffer the results of Google’s technical team.

When the results are in, it’s time to evaluate and find out why. Start by checking that you are relevant for the search term that you’d like to rank for – don’t select keywords just because. Take a step back and look into your basics of your SEO strategy and find the best keywords for your brand.


The tell tail sign of an update is the curve in your traffic analytics report. This being said, it could be a result of another factor, but a quick search will confirm your suspicion. Either way, it is important to consider web traffic in your strategy. This will help identify the areas of your website that need attention. Typically, a slip in the search ranking will attribute to a drop in traffic as your target audience is having trouble finding you. Your best bet in recovering from this is utilising navigational keywords. Also, you can focus some energy into turning up your re-business and attract users back who have shown interest in the past with the data you know that they like.

Site Speed and Security

One of the best sure-fire ways to remain above reproach is by ensuring the best user experience for your customers. Keeping an eye on your site’s security and speed are the best places to start. Your page loading times should be at tip-top shape always and your security should always be airtight.

Updates may vary each time but something that we can rely on is how they tend to crack down on web pages that do not provide value to its viewers. Keeping this in mind, algorithm updates can act as guides on how you can serve your customer base better.

These are the areas that you should be focusing on in your strategy post CORE Update. If you would like to remain ahead of these changes, contact Sandbox today for optimised SEO services.

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