Why Social Media Marketing Is A Key Component For Success

  The importance of social media marketing is extremely underrated. With the number of people in the world that actively use a wide range of social media platforms, it seems like a no-brainer to use this to your company’s advantage. However, many people believe that by posting simple updates on their Facebook page, they’ve got...
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The Importance Of A Good CRM

  Whether your company focuses on a specific product or service, there is always one main objective – make as many sales as possible! CRM integration in Mauritius is a key component in compiling all of your data in one place. This gives you the ability to easily assess and keep track of your company’s...
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How Can You Be Sure You’re Choosing The Best Website Hosting Service?

  When choosing a physical brick-and-mortar location for your business to operate out of, there are many factors to consider before you start occupying that space. For example, does the site provide the necessary amenities, utilities, security and access requirements your business needs to function optimally? Does it have sufficient capacity for growth and upgrades,...
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Understand Market Penetration & How to Create a Strategy

Every businessman wants the business to grow one way or another. And it seems considerably intuitive, taking efficiency & success in growth. The objective includes an overall boost in capital, brand value, loyalty, and awareness & many more. There are several factors to ensure positive growth in your business. Each one poses a different valuation...
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The New Rules of Marketing (2021 Edition)

  Marketing seems to evolve incredibly fast regarding the changing circumstances. And you’ll have to maintain a solid pace to cope with the situation. it essentially includes developing certain strategies based on current marketing rules. Ongoing COVID-19 makes the producers think differently to reach customers. You’ll have to remain flexible enough to adapt the adversity....
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Olivier Mamet

Digital Marketing – How to measure effectively

  Just about as long as marketing has been around, CEOs and marketers have debated how to measure success, which tools are the best, and which proportion of marketing actually works. With digital marketing, EVERYTHING can be measured. Here are the 4 most important metrics to understand and have a look at first when reading...
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The New Customer Journey: How Live Video is Transforming the Travel Industry

  Traveling certain places is all about getting there, no matter what. But COVID-19 has to make us think otherwise. The ongoing pandemic halt lives throughout the planet. Entire hospitality & tourism sector got busted by the outbreak. That’s where innovative technology brings in live video. And people involved in live video to interact with...
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The Move to Ecommerce: How Retailers Can Adapt During a Crisis

  Ecommerce unveils lots of opportunities to grow the overall number of sales. It helps the retail stores to get close to the interested customers through online. Whatever happens, the importance of e-commerce towards online retail sales will hold the ground. Without any objection, COVID-19 pushes the e-commerce forward exponentially. It managed to keep the...
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How to Implement Marketing Automation

  Following the identification of online marketing automation, it’s essential to implement the ideas. And the most important portion concerns with content. Overall integrity may not hold completely satisfactory ahead of your implementation. You’ll have to settle down for creating content to support the system. Content in Marketing Automation You’re to map out a specified...
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