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Bring your brand’s story alive with high-quality commercial video production in Mauritius. Use our creative, efficient team to put a fresh touch on your important message to your audience.

Captivate, engage, build a fan base.

Strengthen your marketing armoury with inspiring commercials, live streaming, property and product videos.

Leave your competitors in the dust with our diverse experience, awesome creativity, quick delivery, and affordability.

Thrill your customer base with creations from the best video production company in Mauritius. 15 years of world-class video output for small budgets and big productions.

We’ve covered and completed everything that can be done video-wise. We can do live streaming, hotel videos, property and app videos. Television commercials from small budgets to big productions. We have also shot and delivered television advertising commercials and viral videos. We have provided animation services to a diverse selection of companies in Mauritius & Australia.

We provide pre-production, post-production & video production services in Mauritius to creatively communicate your organisation’s key messages.

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Our tight-knit, curated team is filled with extraordinarily talented individuals that bring world-class skills to the roles of producers, writers, directors, camera crew, editors, animators and digital strategists.

The passion, creativity and hard work have produced videos that we are very proud and we share a selection with you here. Watch them and enjoy the commitment, quality and unique storytelling that the audiences loved. Treat your customer base to the same compelling experience and leave them with a memorable experience. An experience they will share digitally…and share again.

Our full showcase includes brand films, TV commercials, online commercials, product videos, promotional videos and client testimonials, property videos, corporate internal videos, event videos… if it involves video, our video gurus can do it!


Video is crucial to your business. If a picture paints a thousand words, then think what a video can do.

It helps with your online marketing because it retains users’ attention and helps your website rank better. It also helps in delivering to your prospects, in a few minutes, all the advantages that your company has to offer.

We produce appealing videos and our SEO team adds algorithm friendly metadata. With over 90% of all online searches starting with a search engine and Google algorithms loving videos more and more, it’s vital to have optimised video content in your marketing strategy.

Compelling content with a purpose that engages and is not click-bait will grow your audience, boost subscriptions and drive lead conversions. Emotionally engage new fans with your brand’s story and let your brand wear its heart on its sleeve. Our curated content will capture the essence of your message and make your message stand out from the hustling digital crowds.

The Sandbox will inspire you as a client throughout the process, from concept to activation and optimisation. We dive deep into your brand experience and extract the ethos, the key messages and celebrate its benefits to an ever-growing audience.

From strategy, through production, into activation and boosted with optimisation, the Sandbox team offers a total video solution for your business.

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